Dutch Phrase Book

Dutch Phrase Book
Author: Ben Braber
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0007141734
Date: 2003
Pages: 256
Format: PDF
Size: 33MB

Collins Gem Phrase Books are designed for ease of use, covering more than 70 topics from Finding a room to Choosing wine. Phrases are kept short and simple with an easy pronunciation guide, making learning a language painless and fun. Collins Gem Phrase Books contain topics and phrases that reflect today’s lifestyle. As well as traditionally useful topics such as Bus, Train, Self-catering and Asking directions, you can now find uniquely modern entries on the Internet, E-mail, Texting and Mobiles. * A comprehensive Eating out section and Menu reader gives you the confidence to try out local eateries and delicacies.* Travel tips smooth the way.* The up-to-date practical dictionary gives all the words you need to know.* The two-colour design ensures that key words and foreign phrases are immediately accessible. All these features make this the best guide for learning to use the Dutch language effectively and smoothly on your travels.