Collins COBUILD English Grammar

Collins COBUILD English Grammar
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 978-0008135812
Date: 2017, 4th
Pages: 838
Format: EPUB
Size: 1MB

Based on the evidence of the 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus, this book is an invaluable guide to the English language as it is written and spoken today, in all areas of the world. It has been thoroughly updated, to take into account recent changes in grammar. Notes on the various situations in which certain grammar points typically appear, authentic examples, and information on the key differences between British and American grammar, make this the only fully-updated and truly global English grammar available. It includes supplements that focus academic and business English. This new edition is also accompanied by a series of engaging blogs and guided worksheets that encourage learners and teachers of English to explore and discuss the teaching and learning of grammar.