Easy Japanese – A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication

Easy Japanese – A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication
Author: Samuel E. Martin
Publisher: Tuttle
ISBN: 0804837465
Date: 2006, 4th ed.
Pages: 224
Format: EPUB
Size: 7MB

This is a carefully structured, self-study book for learning colloquial spoken Japanese.

Easy Japanese will have you speaking Japanese in no time at all. Each lesson presents a few of the most common features of the language in sentences which are short, easy, and immediately useful. The first thirteen lessons show you there is a lot that can be said with just a word or two. The later lessons introduce more variety and explain a few of the fine points. The sentences reflect how the Japanese language is really spoken. They are short but colloquial, abrupt but not rude. Each lesson contains first a number a number of Japanese phrases. After the phrases, there is some material for practice. These are short conversations mad up entirely of the phrases you have learned in the lesson (or in preceding lessons). Each of these conversations built around a rather simple situation. Finally there are some tips to help you learn the material and to tell you a few other things helpful in talking with Japanese natives.

After the lessons, there is a basic vocabulary of some common Japanese words and their English equivalents. The Japanese verbs are presented both in the polite present (–mas’) and the plain resent (–u or –ru). At the end of the book there are indexes of Japanese hiragana and katakana.
Key highlights of this book are:

30 short, easy–to–follow lessons with practical exercises.
A Japanese–English dictionary of over 3,000 most commonly used words.
Writing charts of the hiragana and katakana Japanese syllabaries.