Japanese Class

Japanese Class
Date: 2017
equirements: Android 2.3 +
Format: APK
Size: 10.1MB
Version: v6.18
Language: English/Japanese

Japanese Class offers a complete offline Japanese course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises.
Great support when you learn Japanese. Easy to practice your vocabulary, grammar and phrases with.

This total course covers the following content:
* All tenses
* 1500+ words, sorted into different categories such as food and transport
* 12 grammar articles: Hiragana, Katakana, Particles, Adjectives, Verbs, Counters, Numbers, Dates, Te Form, Existential Verbs, and more.
* 125 useful phrases

And the following features:
* Support for Kana, Kanji, Romaji(from Vocabulary, bring up menu, and press Vocabulary Settings to change writing display).
* Highly customizable exercises on all of the above, with a fun awards system which makes practicing fun, with separate awards for the vocabulary, verbs, grammar and speaking exercises.
* Keeping track of your progress by saving statistics and summaries of all done exercises, together with errors made.

The first strength of this app is the extended content. No other Japanese course app offers this much for the same price.
The other strength lies in its fun, addictive and useful exercises.