Japanese for Beginners – Learning Conversational Japanese

Japanese for Beginners – Learning Conversational Japanese
Author: Sachiko Toyozato
Publisher: Tuttle
ISBN: 4805313676
Date: 2016, 2nd ed.
Pages: 288
Format: EPUB, MP3
Size: 208MB

Japanese for Beginners is a straightforward learning guide which enables beginners to pick up a functional knowledge of spoken Japanese very quickly and easily.

This complete Japanese language package has helped many thousands of people learn to speak colloquial Japanese. It is designed for busy people who wish to pick up a working knowledge of Japanese on their own in just a few days, rather than a few years. Japanese for Beginners makes this possible by providing a firm grounding in grammar and sentence structure using dialogues and vocabulary that reflect authentic Japanese situations and manga comic strips to emphasize contemporary culture and humor.

Key features of Japanese for Beginners:
• Practical Japanese phrases help you converse with ease.
• Comic strips (Japanese manga) and dialogues bring Japanese to life.
• Exercises help you to practice speaking and listening.
• Drills and exercises are included in each chapter to help you practice the sentence patterns and vocabulary.