The Case Book for Russian

The Case Book for Russian
Author: Janda Laura A., Clancy Steven J.
Publisher: Slavica
ISBN: 978-0893573072
Date: 2002
Pages: 316
Format: DJVU
Size: 16.5MB
Language: English/Russian

The Case Book for Russian, a textbook and exercises, presents the Russian case system in terms of structured semantic wholes. This method of explanation is easily accessible to students and provides a coherent conceptual framework that accounts for the rich and often confusing details of Russian case usage. Throughout the text, the basic meanings of the cases are illustrated with examples from a large database of Russian prose, compiled specifically for this project. Examples in the text and exercises were taken from a variety of sources (primarily books and newspapers of the past decade) and are representative of multiple genres and fields (fiction, current events, contemporary history, politics, law, economics, science and medicine, etc.).
The aim of the text is to familiarize students with the variety of case usage by using real Russian sentences as opposed to the controlled language of traditional textbook examples. By confronting real case samples in an unadulterated form, students can learn to make sense of the systematic meanings of case in a fashion that will approach the understanding of a native speaker. The accompanying exercises continue the presentation of the text and challenge students to implement the concepts they have learned.